The Scientific Society for Saudi Students in the United Kingdom (SSSSUK) was founded under the patronage of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London. It was officially inaugurated on the 29th March 2014 in London by HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Nawwaf, the Saudi Ambassador in London, and HE Professor Khalid Al Anqari, the then Saudi Minister of Higher Education in the presence of Dr Faisal Abaalkhail, the Saudi Cultural Attaché in London.


To provide a distinctive scientific and research environment for Saudi students in the UK.


To improve and refine the scientific and research skills, and create opportunities for Saudi students and researchers in the UK to communicate and exchange their experiences efficiently.

Targeted Group

All Saudi students in universities and colleges in the UK.


    SSSSUK aims at:
    1. Promoting a scientific environment to develop, improve and share the academic and scientific knowledge and skills.
    2. Facilitating scientific links and networks to enhance academic and scientific communications.
    3. Offering scientific programs and activities for academic and research progression.
    4. Recognising and supporting distinguished scholars and showcasing their successes and achievements.

Scientific Committees

    SSSSUK consists of six main scientific committees:
    1. Medicine and Medical Sciences Committee. Email: mmsc@ssssuk.org
    2. Engineering and Computer Science Committee. Email: easc@ssssuk.org
    3. Natural Sciences Committee. Email: nsc@ssssuk.org
    4. Legal Studies and Management Sciences Committee. Email: lsmsc@ssssuk.org
    5. Humanities and Social Sciences Committee. Email: hssc@ssssuk.org
    6. Media and Arts Committee. Email: ac@ssssuk.org

Executive and Support Committees

    SSSSUK consists of five main executive and support committees:
    1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee. Email: iec@ssssuk.org
    2. Media Committee. Email: media@ssssuk.org
    3. Reception and Registration Committee. Email: rrc@ssssuk.org
    4. Public Relations and Communication Committee. Email: prc@ssssuk.org
    5. Technical Support Committee. Email: tsc@ssssuk.org


The membership in the Scientific Society for Saudi Students in the United Kingdom is a free membership. This membership is divided into four categories:

    1. Active member:
      Saudi students in the UK higher education institutions are eligible to apply for this membership.
    2. Associate Member:
      Saudi researchers in the UK, or students from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the UK higher education institutions are eligible to apply for this membership.
    3. Affiliated member:
      Saudi students who graduated from UK higher education institutions are eligible to apply for this membership.
    4. Honoured Member:
      This membership is granted by a decision of the Society Supervisory Board to those who have made outstanding scientific contributions or to those who have made a notable support or effort towards the Society.


Society Supervisory Board

1. Dr Fahad Alnoeim Chairman
2. Dr Nasser Binghali Deputy Chairman
3. Abdalhakim Alshihri Financial Manager
4. Fahad Ibrahim Almoqhim Member - President of the Board of Directors
5. Latifa Mohammed AlAbdulkarim Member
6. Ibrahim Mohammed Alghamdi Member

Board of Directors

1. Fahad Ibrahim Almoqhim President of the Board of Directors
2. Saud Mossa AlSalahi VP of the Board of Directors
3. Amal Mohammed Banunnah General Secretary
4. Raed Fahd Alsufyani Financial Coordinator
5. Abdulelah S. Alshawli Head of Medicine and Medical Sciences Committee
6. Saeed Mohammed Alshihri Head of Engineering and Computer Science Committee
7. Laila Nayel Alsharief Head of Natural Sciences Committee
8. Abdussalam Salem Aljadani Head of Legal Studies and Management Sciences Committee
9. Khadija Abdullah Alamoudi Head of Humanities and Social Sciences Committee
10. Khulod Mohammed Albugami Head of Media and Arts Committee

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